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Polaris’ spacecraft has landed on planet Earth in February 2016 in Santiago, Chile. Headwear have been part of skateboarding culture forever and as a skater myself, this has always caught my attention. So, one day my curiosity led me to take apart one of my favorite old 5 panel caps and learn how to put it back together again. After a lot of trial and error a whole universe has opened up for me, therefore, for all of us. Care for our planet, living beings and surrounding is part of our nature and we strongly believe that we must be the change we want to see in this world, and of course every bit counts. Each of our items is aiming to create consciousness. We see beauty among your trash, we see resources claiming to be used in every trace that fast fashion has left behind and over all, we want our bags and caps be means of expression for all of you. Are you ready to turn your life into a galactic experience? Welcome on board, your Polaris.

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